Current news

Cocalc Server available

We now have an installation of a Collaborative Calculation (CoCalc) server system. It's not connected to the SCCKN accounts, so just let me know to get a dedicated account. The server can be accessed via Any feedback is very welcome.

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Jupyterhub available

SCCKN now has a Jupyterhub running. This is a webinterface to Jupyter and other applications running on the cluster. The URL is

Just login with your normal SCCKN account.

Updated server and nodes

All server and nodes were updated to the latest OpenSUSE 15.3. The software modules should work as before. Please check your software packages and recompile if necessary. Let me know if there are any issues.

Supporting Folding@Home

SCCKN is donating free resources to supports the Folding@Home project which is right now dedicated to the research of COVID-19. If you also like to contribute your free computing resources, please install the software on your computer and join the team "University of Konstanz" (team id 251386).

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